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Now Available! 'The Digm and the Dutch' CD

Hot on the heels of the Peace Out East festival and the critically acclaimed Pick Up the Mic documentary, B.Q.E. has just announced the release of its second album, The Digm and the Dutch. The 10-song CD is currently available online from the B.Q.E. website, MySpace page or directly from CDBaby. In addition, individual tracks are available for purchase via iTunes.

This release will mark the first full-length release by Dutchboy and Paradigm, and a much awaited followup to their self-titled 2003 EP. The Digm and the Dutch features production by Dutchboy and cameo appearances by Juba Kalamka and JBR.A.P. of Deep Dickollective, Soce the Elemental Wizard, DJ Baker and other homohop luminaries.

B.Q.E. to release full-length album in 2006

After a busy year of performances and events on both coasts, including the annual Peace Out East festival in NYC and promotion of the Pick Up The Mic documentary film, B.Q.E. has taken a break from live performance in order to focus on its upcoming album, The Digm and the Dutch.

This release will mark the first full-length release by Dutchboy and Paradigm, and a much awaited followup to their self-titled 2003 EP. The Digm and the Dutch features production by Dutchboy, Soce the Elemental Wizard, the UK's Icykal and other homohop luminaries.

B.Q.E. hosts Peace Out East festival July 16-18

Homo hop impresarios Dutchboy and Paradigm of B.Q.E. took the stage on Sunday, July 18 at Manhattan's Nuyorican Poets Café to host the final concert of Peace OUT East, New York City's first annual international LGBT hip-hop festival. The festival included an art opening, film screenings and hip-hop, spoken word, R&B and dance performances by LGBT artists from NYC, the Bay Area, the South, Midwest and the U.K.

Over 600 people attended the three-day festival, which was inspired by the original Peace OUT celebration in Oakland, California. Featured performers included Deadlee, God-Des, Tori Fixx, JenRO, Johnny Dangerous, Raeshem Nijhon, QBoy and DJs Tease and ChocolateGirlWonda.

B.Q.E. performs at Heritage of Pride NYC 2004

Joining an all-star lineup of performers and speakers, B.Q.E. were among the featured artists at Heritage of Pride, New York City's annual LGBT pride celebration on Sunday, June 27. Other performers on the Greenwich Street stage included comedian Vidur Kapur, singer-songwriters Jen Foster and Kristi Stremel, drag sensation Jade Elektra and Sister Funk.

This year's Heritage of Pride marked the 35th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots that sparked the modern gay rights movement. An estimated 1 million people filled the streets on New York City, from Midtown in the 50's all the way down to the West Village, to partake in this year's LGBT Pride festivities.

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